Contentious Construction

The construction industry is famous for its disputes. We offer expertise in all areas of construction dispute management and avoidance for commercial and public sector clients.

Our team pursue and defend claims involving all participants in the construction process and at all stages. We can offer advice as soon as issues first arise and if required can advise on all types of formal dispute resolution including adjudication, arbitration, expert determination, court proceedings and mediation.

Benefits we bring to your business 

With a client base including employers, contractors, consultants and public sector we can provide advice either throughout the progress of the works or at conclusion. We advise on claims related to valuations and payment, extensions of time, enforceability of bonds, defective works, professional negligence and the many other time consuming issues which often arise in construction projects. We aim to add value through prompt, clear advice with drafting and advocacy tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

In addition to assisting with formal disputes, we regularly provide clients with strategic dispute avoidance advice as soon as potential issues become apparent. This early intervention can assist in avoiding disputes escalating to formal proceedings. Dispute avoidance is a key element of the service we provide to clients. When you consider why disputes in construction occur, formal disputes can often be avoided with early intervention.

We also work closely with our construction contracts colleagues to ensure a seamless service throughout the life of a project.