Subsidy Control

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Morton Fraser Director of Public Law Lynda Towers
Lynda Towers
Director of Public Law
Lynda is director of public law within our Litigation division based in Edinburgh.
0131 247 1068

Subsidy Control (formerly known as State Aid) has a habit of cropping up unexpectedly for the unwary negotiator at the most inconvenient stage of a contract or negotiation. At any stage in a project you may be unintentionally breaching Subsidy Control rules. This may be the case even if you are not directly accessing Government funds. We can make sure you are aware of the implications, the hoops you may have to jump through and possible solutions on all aspects of Subsidy Control which may enable a project to proceed. Subsidy Control need not mean the end of a project, whether because of the way financing is being used or the nature of what you would like to do. Our team can help you to find a successful way forward.