Making A Social Impact

We believe a greater clarity is borne from diversity.


Morton Fraser are a firm that looks to the future. And there are many things that we do today that will help clarify tomorrow's potential to be a better place to live and work. We work with charities to raise awareness and funds, as well as offering pro bono services, advice and facilities.

We teach and help nurture tomorrow's legal and business expertise by lecturing and mentoring within educational institutions. But crucially, we understand, that in order to achieve clarity within the bigger picture, we need a wide and diverse range of opinions and backgrounds. We therefore rely on talent from a wide range of backgrounds, religions, sexualities and ethnicities. Morton Fraser is indeed a collective of individuals, but together, we not only strive for clarity, but a better and fairer tomorrow.

Below you can find more information on some of the things we do.

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We provide support to a number of charities in a variety of ways. Find out more about the activities and fundraising we get involved in.
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Social Mobility And Education
Celebrating diversity and operating in an inclusive manner are core elements to ensuring we remain a successful firm. Find out about our steps to achieve this.
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Pro Bono Activities
Our pro bono work supports a range of activities and institutions. Find out more about the legal advice we provide to those people and places that need it.
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We make every effort to limit the environmental impact of our business. Find out about the range of initiatives in place to achieve this.
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